What can I bring to your company?  This question has as many creative answers as "what can you do with a colander?" My approach is organic and customized.  I embrace the needs, culture, goals and quirks of your business and help you find ways to strengthen your organization. Honoring your individuality is key to success.     With fresh eyes and a creative lens  we will find solutions that work for you.  I can tell you what I’ve done for other companies, and I’ll give you examples of the types of services I provide.  However, the only way to answer the question of what I can do specifically for you, is to tell me about your company.

Here are a few examples:


I’d rather have a root canal than walk into work on Monday mornings….


  • Entrepreneur 3 years into business
  • Success based on passion, smarts and a creative group of friends doing whatever it takes
  • Grown to 17 employees
  • Entrepreneur busy with day-to-day demands, no focus on how to best use people’s talents
  • Staff jockeying for position/stepping on each other’s toes
  • Entrepreneur is frustrated

That’s when they call me in. Unscrambling the chaos.

The Results

  • Entrepreneur has delegated day-to-day work and now has time to plan and lead
  • Employees are clear about roles, expectations and concrete goals; right people in right positions
  • Employees are developing critical skills
  • Staff operates as a team rather than competitors
  • Renewed passion, excitement, creativity and fresh ideas


Lopsided muscles...


  • Super-star lawyer, top school, thorough knowledge of the law
  • Alienates co-workers, clients, and judges
  • Defensive; feels like an outsider
  • About to be asked to leave the firm

That’s when they call me in.  Working those soft skill muscles.

The Results

  • Lawyer understands how she is perceived and why
  • She builds self-awareness
  • She looks at others’ perspectives and reads cues
  • Clients feel listened to and give good feedback
  • Colleagues notice and appreciate the changes
  • She has a bucket of tools to solve communication problems



An unconventional approach
It isn’t all about you, you know….


Dr. By all objective standards, my practice is successful. It’s just not what I envisioned. It feels like patients are treated more like ‘numbers’ than individuals.
Me Tell me more.
Dr. Patients come through.  I get 10 minutes with them; half of which I spend taking info and doing admin stuff.  I have no time to make a real connection. Staff isn’t helpful. They don’t seem to get that the patients are people, too.    
Me  How long is the patient here from the time they leave their car until they return to the parking lot?
Dr. Maybe an hour and 10 minutes.

So, they spend 10 minutes with you and another hour in your office? Let’s see what it feels like from the patient’s perspective.

Becoming the patient:

Doctor and I meet in the parking lot and walk into his suite.  Check in.  Take a seat.  Wait our turn.

What do we see?   Framed posters of body parts; leg ligaments, spinal columns
What do we hear?   Phones ringing unanswered.  Staff bickering.   Occasional moans.
Reading material? Fly, Rod & Reel, Bark Magazine, Motocross, AARP

We get called in and taken to the exam room.  We’re left to find our way back to reception and asked loudly to pay our bill.

One by one, the staff and I do the same exercise.  They become the patient.  They see what it’s like to sit in the reception area, listen to the noises. When the front desk greets them, they feel how impersonal it is.

So, with everyone aware of the patient as person and wanting to create a more intimate, welcoming feeling, we brainstorm together.  I ask questions like, how do you want to feel when you go to your own doctor? How can you connect with the patient?   What would make waiting easier?  What admin work could you do so the doctor has all 10 minutes with the patient to exam and create connection?

The staff was amazing.  They had so many creative ideas many of which we put into place.

The new patient experience….as crafted by the whole team

Walk into reception area: calm music, great photos of faces from around the world, Oprah Magazine!  Phones are picked up by the second ring.  Staff greets you by name, escorts you to the exam room, takes all of your info so the doctor can spend his time attending to your issue and connecting with you as a person.

While you wait, in the exam room there is a screen streaming videos of thank you notes from patients.

On the way out, there is a wall size map of the world.  You’re invited to put a pushpin in the place where you were born.  It’s seeing yourself as part of the “family”.

What we’ve created is the same great care PLUS a sense of belonging, of being known, of mattering.

The results

  • More patient referrals
  • Energized staff, initiating new ideas  
  • More efficiently run office
  • Reduced turnover
  • A doctor who is passionate about his practice again



If you would like to find out some of the ways I can help you strengthen your company, reignite your passion and develop a solid, reinvigorated team, call me in for a consultation.