By Julie Grass |  February 2015

Management Consulting & Employee GPS



Julie Grass, Principal



Julie helps clients reconnect with their passion and curiosity.

Even the best leaders have blind spots. Julie has developed a toolbox of creative techniques to help leaders identify their blind spots, work through them and see their way to becoming even more effective leaders.


Her combination of creativity, business acumen and high emotional intelligence helps Julie's clients see hidden possibilities and opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally.

Her clients are mostly successful leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who have gotten to where they are based on sheer talent.  Julie helps them deal with the challenges of success; setting priorities, building strong teams and networks, and spending time on what matters.

Julie teaches classes at UCLA Extension including Effective Presentations, Project Management, Women's Leadership Boot Camp and Personal Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs.


When you've lost your spark, Julie can relight it.


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Think Like A First-Grader! 


Too much responsibility and not enough time for fun!

Adults schedule play time for their kids, but not for themselves!
They work and sleep and work and do errands.  

Without play, imaginations get sluggish, choices
are limited, enthusiasm shrivels, innovation disappears.



Schedule play dates.

Play looks different for everyone
but it has some things in common.
It's voluntary, enjoyable, engaging,
and the act of playing matters more than the outcome.

 Make a list of activities that appeal to you.
What did you used to do for fun?  Ping-pong?
Listening to music? Line-dancing?  Making art?
Gardening? Building sand castles? 

Wake your imagination up! Think like a first-grader!
Make a meatloaf shaped like a heart.
Light candles at the breakfast table.  Wear a cowboy hat.  

Look around and notice something
you've never noticed before.

Make a play date with yourself.  Write it in your calendar.

And then another one and another one




 I see the world differently
- check it out