By Julie Grass |  June 2013

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“A picture is worth
 a thousand words,”
Arthur Brisbane, editor of Syracuse
Advertising Men's Club, March 1911

 “Life’s too short to read
wordy newsletters.

Julie Grass, 2013



Management Consulting & Employee GPS



Julie Grass, Principal



Julie helps clients reconnect with their passion and curiosity.


Mired in the day-to-day like many CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs? That keeps you from tackling the things only you can do to drive your business forward.  


Julie helps clients identify their real priorities and create a feasible plan to tackle them. As an organizational troubleshooter and company coach, she:

  • Assesses and understands diverse corporate culture

  • Builds dynamic teams with maximum impact and minimum drama 

  • Navigates  people dynamics

  • Engages staff to uncover creative solutions and opportunities that 'fit' the culture and stimulate new ways of thinking.

Julie teaches communications, effective presentations, leadership and project management at UCLA Extension.


When you’ve lost your spark, Julie can relight it.

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What opportunities are you not seeing
and how might you ‘move’ to see them?

Drive to work a different route. 

What do you notice that you hadn’t seen before?

Sleep with your head at the other end of the bed. 
What do you see when you wake up?
Stand with your arms outstretched. 
Use your peripheral vision.  What you see is 180 degrees of the world.  Turn around, there’s another 180 degrees just waiting to be seen.
Step into someone else’s shoes. 
If you are a CFO, try looking at a problem from the perspective of a marketing manager.  If you are a facilities director, look through the eyes of a program coordinator.


What we notice is a habit. 

We can train ourselves to see the world differently, and uncover possibilities that are right in front of us.