What are your stress triggers?



Are you able to divert your stress

when you feel it coming on?



When you are stressed, how does it
impact your work? Your life?



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Julie Grass, Principal

Julie is a breath of fresh air for a stale company.  She is an organizational troubleshooter, a business coach, and a dynamic retreat facilitator.  Her expertise in strategic thinking, navigating the people dynamics in an organization, and building a sense of "team" helps her clients obtain clarity, improve communication and take action.

She works with small businesses, nonprofits and sole practitioners.  Julie teaches classes in communications, presentation skills, and project management at UCLA Extension.


When you’ve lost your spark, Julie can relight it.

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The Momentum Group


There is something so interesting about the word, "STRESSED".  Any ideas?  Yes, it rhymes with messed and pest, guest and jest.


But, most intriguing is that the word STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS.


With that in mind, grab a healthy treat to eat and digest these 12 tips for how to combat stress:

  • Start each day with a plan.  Plot out and prioritize your work.  Be realistic and build in time for interruptions.

  • Schedule physical exercise throughout the day.  Take a 5-10 minute walk every couple of hours.

  • If you are unclear about what you are being tasked to do, ask for clarification.  How can you relax when you don't know if you're working on the right things?

  • Chunk your work into manageable sized pieces.  Looking at an entire project can be daunting.  Once you break the work down, schedule time to do each piece.

  • Know your body rhythms and honor them.  If you're a morning person who wakes with energy, schedule your most complex work early in the day.  If your energy drops mid-afternoon, that's a great time to do rote work like answering emails.

  • Strike a healthy work/life balance.  Do what you like and your energy will follow. Enjoying yourself makes you more effective in each area of your life.

  • Keep healthy snacks within reach.  Almonds in your top drawer, celery in your fridge, lots of bottles of purified water.

  • Stay Curious.  Try doing things differently.  Exercise your creativity and grow your comfort zone.  Ask the question, "how else can I do this?"

  • Anticipate obstacles and make a strategy to work around them.

  • Make a list of champions.  These are people who believe in you.  Keep their phone numbers handy and call when you need a lift.

  • Accept 'good enough'.  Not all work has to be A+.  Determine which tasks just need doing.

  • Laugh loud and often.




If you have other ideas that work for you, please share them with me and I will pass them along to others.  Or, if you have a great dessert recipe....