Julie Grass, Principal of The Momentum Group

I am a business strategist with over 25 years experience providing expert counsel in the areas of human relations and organizational development. In 2000, I opened my own practice, The Momentum Group, working closely with entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive teams.  I have been on the faculty of UCLA Extension in the Department of Business Management for over ten years.


Credentials, expertise, experience – all good.  But here’s what I really want you to know about me: 

  • I’m creative and bring contagious positive energy.

  • I help you unearth fresh ideas and solutions.

  • I’m all about clarity, focus and action.

  • I can help you  e-ignite your passion.

  • I see the world differently, more like this






You are likely an entrepreneur or CEO of a successful business who, more often than not, feels the weight of the company on your shoulders.
You have achieved a level of success fueled by your passion, knowledge and curiosity about your product or service. 
Often you are so bogged down in the day-to-day work that you can’t get to the things only you can do to drive your business forward.
You probably have a loyal group of people working with you though they may not be sure exactly what to do. Maybe they’re frustrated.  Maybe you’re frustrated.
You wonder what opportunities you are missing and the cost to your company.
You feel creatively stifled and want more than anything to get back in touch with the passion that brought you so far.





Tell me about your business.  Tell me how you spend your time throughout the week; the tasks, the calls, the emails, the meetings.  We’ll look at how we can make you more efficient.
Let’s identify which things only you can do, which things you could delegate (don’t worry about to whom), and which things have been on your list month after month, year after year and, frankly, will never get done.
Once we know what you could delegate, we need to determine whom you could comfortably delegate to.  That means having the right people in the right places with a clear understanding of what is expected of them.
We’ll look at the organization’s structure, capabilities of current staff, critical gaps. We’ll talk about how to communicate with clarity, how to hold others accountable, how to form dynamic teams and employees who take initiative.


We will get you back in touch with your creativity and passion.
And questions, I will ask lots and lots of questions.